Be Efficient

SharePoint on Premise or Office 365

The most powerful Document & Process automation platform available

  • Cost effective
  • Extremely flexible
  • Configurable to your specific requirements
  • Implement any project quickly and easily

Document Management 

  • Full document control
  • Organise and take control of the clutter
  • Be fully compliant
  • Find all documents instantly
  • Eliminate the need to process, store, and dispose of paper documents
  • Manage documents of all types 
  • Enhanced granular security
  • Flexible configuration
  • Electronic forms
  • Web enabled
  • Mobile applications
  • Advanced Workflow Processing
  • Automatic Document Generation
  • Create perfect documents every time
  • Save time and money

Features & Benefits

  •  Flexible Configuration - Take control of your documents in the way that you want to
  • Comprehensive Search capability - Global Search, content search - easily find any document, anytime, anywhere
  • Public Search Portal - Allow Customers, Suppliers and external staff access to their own documents 
  • Fully compliant with external and internal regulations
  • Version Control - Keeps all versions of documents for audit purposes
  • Full Audit Trail -  See who read, opened, edited documents, and what changes they made
  • Document Notation - Annotations, Signatures, and Stamps
  • Granular Security to individual document level - Control who sees what documents and what they can do with those documents
  • Mobile Application (IOS, Android) - Mobile workers can approve processes and access documents no matter where they work.  
  • Web-Based Viewing - View on any platform
  • Electronic Forms - PDF or Web Based forms to start any process        
  • Advanced Workflow Processing - Automate document driven processes
  • Flexible Workflow Designer
  • Automated Document Validation
  • Automated Escalations
  • Automated Document Import
  • Automated Email Import
  •  Automated Social Media Import
  • Automated Document Classification and Indexing
  • Scheduled Workflow Execution
  • Scheduled Report Delivery

Records management

  • Compliance, reporting and governance
  • Security and information privacy
  • Business process automation ‘workflow’
  • Complete document management
  • eForms
  • Systems integration
  • Retention management
  • Collaboration
  • Hosted (cloud based and premise based) solutions