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BPA CRM + Microsoft SharePoint = The Most Powerful, Extendable CRM Solution

Welcome to the new CRM generation. BPA’s SharePoint CRM has all the features of the big CRMs at an attractive price: social listening, email marketing, email integration, workflow, mobility, etc.
It’s built on Microsoft SharePoint (free version) giving the best user experience with Microsoft technologies.

BPA CRM can be adapted for any sector, like construction, government, public administration, non-profit organisations, associations, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

Discover key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below.

  • Building landing pages and getting leads from the web
  • Lead nurturing management
  • Email management & email marketing
  • Contact suggestion & social connector
  • Contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Help desk management
  • Activity management
  • Meeting management
  • Project management


Priced for Every Budget

Save up to 90% on license costs compared to other CRM solutions. Leverage your existing SharePoint investment and get the fastest return on your investment.

The Most Integrated CRM

BPA CRM is built to run on both Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Server. Native integration with Microsoft Office ensures the highest productivity.

Users Love BPA

BPA CRM is designed with a simple, configurable yet powerful user interface that enables users to work the way they want to work.

Powered by the xRM Platform

Our CRM is powered by a single installable platform called xRM that has 30+ enterprise components making it the most powerful SharePoint solution in the marketplace. So much more than just a site template.

Flexible Deployment

On premise deployment:

If you’re like many organisations today running SharePoint Server or Foundation, then on premise deployment might be right for you.

  • Leverage your SharePoint investment
  • Enjoy high user adoption rates with a unified solution
  • Keep important data secured in-house
  • Integrate with other on premise systems such as finance and accounting
  • Easy installation through SharePoint Central Administration
  • Avoid costs related to new technologies and change management
  • Extend to any other BPA solution without any cloud restrictions

 Private cloud deployment:

Private cloud solutions are right for many organizations. Company’s have found that working with a hosting provider will help them avoid upfront investments and will dramatically reduce operating costs.

BPA cloud and other certified Hosting Partners host BPA’s solutions in secured data centers. Configured with either dedicated servers or a cost effective multi tenant environment, BPA has a solution to meet your needs.

BPA is focused on developing a cloud strategy that supports Microsoft’s direction regarding Office 365. BPA 365 apps run on Microsoft Azure with SharePoint online. BPA 365 apps are limited to the Office 365-supported features. BPA 365 apps are best adapted to smaller organisations.

  • Outsource hardware + software management
  • Avoid upfront investment costs
  • Quickly begin configuring your solution
  • Pay for what you use, expand as needed.

Get Ultimate Control

Start quickly and get ultimate control. BPA CRM will work the way you want to work. We will ensure your project will be successful.

Tailored to Fit Your Business

Each BPA solution can be configured to match any business process. Supporting 800+ customers worldwide in 15+ languages.

The Solution you can grow with!

The solution is flexible enough to continuously adapt to your processes over time. Save and deploy configured CRM instances for new locations. Further extend the solution by installing third party tools from the SharePoint community.

SharePoint is the Right Technology

BPA CRM works simply better because it runs on SharePoint. SharePoint is everywhere and brings a feature-rich and robust platform at almost no cost.

Mobile Solutions

Never be without the information you need when you need it. Update contacts, access quotes, get phone numbers or be reminded to update your forecast. A quick and intuitive interface enables your to find the information when you need it, whether you are online or off.

Administrators will love the web based Mobile Administration Console, where you can easily manage users and security privileges.

BPA Mobile Solutions are available as native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

  • Work remotely 
  • Easy to install – easy to use
  • Provides a quick and intuitive user interface
  • Optimized for small-display devices
  • Increase productivity through online and offline access
  • Unique Mobile Administration Console for user and security management
  • Compatible with all BPA’s solutions and any standard SharePoint site


Sidekick 365 xRM

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is a scalable and flexible CRM App for sales and marketing professionals and project managers that can be deployed to Microsoft’s revolutionary Office 365 or installed on your servers.  Learn More


Ready for Office 365 

Are you tired of trying to use complex, rigid, and expensive CRM solutions?  

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is a complete CRM solution to manage your sales pipeline, all your customer relationships, and all projects and cases.   

Best of all, SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is built entirely in SharePoint2013.  No third party products, no hidden charges, no surprises - just a great customizable CRM and Project management app built for SharePoint 2013 that can be installed in into Office 365 or on your SharePoint servers!

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate includes:

  • Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Tasks
  • Documents, Notes, Integration with Outlook
  • Projects with their own Docs, Tasks, Contacts
  • Multiple Contacts per Account or  Opportunity
  • Support for documents using Explorer view
  • Support for Folders within the Documents Views
  • Nearly unlimited customization of modules
  • Flexible Security